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  • Contains video Gembird car USB charger review, teardown and test of its performance, investigation regarding how well such product could be used as a general purpose DC-DC converter for hobby projects


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  • Deinterlacing - information about Deinterlacing and how it can be done the right way
  • All about BitTorrent - learn all about the BitTorrent protocol and how to configure and install BitComet

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This section contains various programs or scripts written by various Helpedia contributors.

  • File Splitter and File Merger - transfer large files between computers without network connectivity by splitting them into smaller files that fit standard media
  • FLV Extract - extract audio and video tracks from FLV (Flash Video) files
  • NFO to BMP and NFO to PNG - PHP scripts that convert ASCII art into monochrome images, requiring no external libraries or functions
  • PHP Search Plugin - add a PHP function search to the Firefox search box, making developers' lives easier

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