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  • * [[File:Icon_video.png|Contains video]] [[Gembird car USB charger]] review, teardown and test of its performance, ==Tutorials==
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  • In this video tutorial, a 9v battery replacement circuit is planned, designed and built. '''Part 1''' of this video tutorial introduces the viewer to the reasons why the author of this tutori
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  • ...n himself during the flight. He wants to watch some movies on his portable video player. computers in various configurations. He can't take chances and send the video in a format that a doctor with a Mac couldn't see. He also has to consider
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  • In this video tutorial, a digital thermometer is designed and built using the commonly av '''Part 1''' of this video tutorial starts by introducing viewers to the reasons why a digital thermom
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  • ...n experienced what is called ==generational loss==, the copies of audio or video tapes did not sound exactly like the original, there was usually more backg [[Category:Tutorials]]
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