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The application splits a large file into several parts, in order to be easier transferred between computers, for example on floppy/ZIP discs or CD-ROM.

It works very fast and safe because there is no compression involved in the process, something that is usually useless when trying to split multimedia files.

File splitter.png

File Splitter is very easy to use and to understand, as you can see from the image above.

The application was written in the Visual Basic 6 programming language, which means that, on very old operating systems like Windows 95 or Windows 98, you will have to install the Visual Basic 6 runtime from Microsoft in order to run the application.

It also means it will not run on other operating system except the ones from the Windows family, unless emulated.

The application is open source, the source code is included in the download file. You can do whatever you please with it, you can use the source code in other projects but you must make it obvious that the modified version is not identical to the one you have downloaded from this site. You should also mention the original authors of this project and a link to this page, but it's not required.

As with almost any free application, there is no guarantee it works without messing up your computer. It was tested extensively and found to be safe to use. Also, there is no official help support.

If you are impressed with the application and you wish to donate to support the development of this application, or if you need a customized version or features, contact us at one of the addresses mentioned in the About page for more details.


You can download the application and the source code (in a single ZIP file, 24.4 KB) by clicking on this link.